FPT Corporation

FPT Corporation

FPT is an abbreviation that can have several meanings depending on the context. One of the most recognized definitions pertains to the technology sector. In this domain, FPT stands for “FPT Corporation,” a leading Vietnamese technology company known for its application development and IT services. Additionally, FPT could refer to other concepts in various sectors. Let’s dive into the technology-centric interpretation.

FPT Corporation: A Brief Overview

Established in the late 1980s, FPT Corporation quickly rose as a notable figure in the Vietnamese IT scene. Their journey is noteworthy, transitioning from a small start-up to a tech giant.

Key Services and Offerings

FPT’s portfolio is diverse. They offer IT services, application solutions, and even education through their university. The company’s reach is not limited to Vietnam; they have a global footprint serving clients worldwide.

Innovations and Achievements

A key to FPT’s success is innovation. Over the years, they’ve introduced various tech solutions catering to sectors like finance, healthcare, and more. Their achievements have garnered both local and international acclaim.


In summary, when referencing the tech domain, FPT often points to FPT Corporation, a Vietnamese powerhouse in IT and application solutions. Their growth trajectory and innovations make them a key player in the industry.


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